Aine Carroll | Throwback Thursday

Posted on: 2 July, 2020 by Gemma Sugrue

Can you recall when you first became interested in singing and performing? 

I was in second class and we were rehearsing for our holy communion. My teacher asked if anyone would like to sing a solo and that she would choose the best person to sing it.

I stood up and sang and the whole class clapped, I loved it! I sang that solo for the communion and it is the first time I can remember knowing that I wanted to be a singer

What did that lead to? 

That lead to me entering karaoke competitions when I was seven years old. I participated in them until I was about eleven. Then we moved to Spain because my Mam bought an Irish pub and I always used to sing karaoke there.

You were a student here at Voiceworks Studio for a few years. Have you any special memories of your time with us? 

I have so many special memories from being at Voiceworks, but two of them would have to be the Cork Summer Show & the Fitzgerald’s Park concerts.

I always loved the outside summer concerts because there were so many people there and we got to work with an amazing band every time.


What’s your proudest moment so far in your singing journey/career? 

My proudest moment has always been my experience on The Voice UK, but it changed last summer when I got to fly to LA for Vocalize U and sing for Dr. Dre.

What are your current musical goals?

I have many goals for my future, including releasing more music. Hopefully, that leads to selling out shows, etc.

We love the new single Set my Heart on Fire. What was the creative process for this track? 

My friends Cian and Niamh wrote Set My Heart On Fire During the summer. I was planning on signing a deal and needed as many songs as possible.

I have a lot of songs written myself but we felt that this track was going to be the second single, we felt it was the right time for it to be released so we went with it.

What famous musicians do you admire?

I absolutely love Lady Gaga. I think that she is an absolute genius, along with Charlie Puth and Julia Michaels.

What advice would you give to up and coming artists/singers that want to pursue music as a career?

I would say that when an opportunity comes your way, always say yes, because you don’t know who you’re going to meet along the way.

What is your favorite part of being an artist?

My favorite part about being an artist is performing for people who love my voice and my music. It’s the best feeling ever.

Where can we learn more about you!? ( Insta? Facebook? anything you want to promote?). 

Instagram: aineeexo

Facebook: Aine Carroll

Youtube: Aine Carroll

Spotify: Aine Carroll – Keep an eye out for her newest single on August 1st with major LA producer Focus!

Aine Carroll | Throwback Thursday - Voiceworks Studio