What age should my son/daughter start singing lessons?

We think it’s never too early to start developing healthy, vocal habits so we start lessons with kids as young as 7. The only time we would advise against starting a child this young is when we feel they may not be able to maintain good concentration in a 30minute 1to1 lesson. We can flag this in the free intro lesson before proceeding with signing he or she up for the term and alternatively recommend Pop Kidz, our group singing class for kids age 7-12. Please note, we want your child to choose Voiceworks, not just you the parent, and we will ask them to think about whether singing lessons is something they really want to do in the intro lesson.

What’s different about the way you teach singing at Voiceworks Studio?

All of our teachers teach contemporary, vocal technique suitable for singing the genres of pop, music theatre, folk and jazz.

We pride ourselves at Voiceworks on remaining up to date with the latest in voice science research and all of our teachers are highly trained, fully qualified and are required to attend at least one voice related continuous professional development course per annum. All teachers at Voiceworks are mentored by our school director, Gemma Sugrue, an authorised instructor of Vocology in Practice (global network of voice experts).

We also have the benefit of being a contemporary singing focused school, so all classes, lessons, performance opportunities and more are designed to develop the skills required of a modern singer in today’s music industry.

Why do you need to pay a registration fee with a 1:1 lesson subscription?

To secure your desired time slot. 

To lower your monthly subscription figure (the registration fee is subtracted from the annual total before it’s divided by the 12 months in the year).

To cover the teacher’s wage if all of a sudden, one cold and lonely evening in January their student and student’s auto payment has disappeared!

What if a student or teacher miss a lesson due to illness or otherwise one week?

If the student misses:

Your teacher will spend your lesson time preparing some resources for you or you can jump online from the comfort of your own home and have a live video lesson instead!

If the teacher misses:

They will arrange to reschedule it with the student in person.