What happens during the free trial?

This is your opportunity to meet your coach, live on a zoom video call. These calls are 15 minutes long. Your selected coach will want to get to know you a little better and will want to hear about any goals you have in mind for your singing, whether it’s for pure enjoyment, a forthcoming deadline like an audition or event, or anything else. If you’re happy to sing during this time, then your coach can walk you through a simple vocal assessment to hear your voice and suggest ideas on how best to help you reach your goals! Singing is not compulsory on the free trial and don’t worry about impressing us, it’s our job to impress you!

Do you offer online/in person lessons?

Yes! We offer both. We have an in person studio in Cork City, Ireland and we offer online lessons via zoom.

How do online lessons work?

Provided you have a private space to take your online lesson with us in and access to a reliable internet connection via data or wifi then online singing lessons work a treat! Your coach may need to send you some resources ahead of the lesson like PDFs or accompaniment tracks from time to time, and because of latency we will need to run scales in a call and response style. You don’t need a fancy microphone or any extra gear the built-in camera and speakers work fine. Two of our favourite upsides of online lessons are having the visual reference on screen so a student can monitor themselves and their teacher and allowing students to record their session to review during the week.

How does a monthly lesson subscription work?

Monthly lesson subscriptions are automatically charged from the date you sign-up using your debit or credit card. It entitles students to 4 lessons every monthly billing cycle. We teach year round and you can cancel your subscription with us at any time. Our subscription costs €114/month.

What if a student or coach misses a lesson due to illness or otherwise?

Student Missed Lesson
If a student misses a lesson, the teacher is not obliged to reschedule the lesson.

As a lesson alternative, the student can choose from the options below once they give the teacher 24 hours notice of their absence:

  • Send a video (max 15 minutes) to the teacher before their lesson time. The teacher will spend their lesson time watching the video, and sending a video or written feedback with exercises to practice for the week. (Please note that this option is only available if the video is sent to the teacher prior to the lesson slot & the teacher is given 24 hrs notice, so that the teacher can use the students lesson slot to record the video response).
  • Receive work to do for the week in the form of exercise sheets, exercise tracks, prescribed songs, sight reading, listening homework etc.

If a student is late, the teacher is not obliged to make up this lesson time.

Teacher Missed Lesson
If a teacher misses a lesson, they will reschedule the lesson and arrange a time and date with the student themselves, OR organise another teacher to cover for them.
In our Covid policy, if a teacher needs to isolate due to PCR/antigen test requirements, in person lessons may need to be moved online.

What’s the minimum age you will accept?

We think it’s never too early for kids to develop healthy, vocal habits, however Voiceworks Studio only accepts students 7 and above and refers younger students to other schools. We want every student to gain as much value as possible from our lesson service and find our style of service and coaching is best for 7 and upwards.

What’s the coaching style at Voiceworks Studio?

Voiceworks Studio takes a holistic and student centred approach to coaching singers. We do not subscribe to one methodology of vocal technique at Voiceworks Studio and instead pay close attention to the latest research and agreed upon best practices emerging from the voice science community. All of our coaches are required to perform contemporary styles of music to a high standard, have an advanced level of voice science knowledge, have a performance degree qualification or equivalent, must be engaging in regular continuous development courses throughout the year and undergo bi-annual reviews. Voice training contemporary singers is our world at Voiceworks Studio and we take great pride in staying at the forefront of cutting edge voice education.


Where is Voiceworks Studio based?

Voiceworks Studio Ltd. is based in Cork, Ireland and online. It was founded in Cork, Ireland in 2011 by Gemma Sugrue and Laoise Leahy. Nikki Griffin and Alison Ronayne are now the acting directors of Voiceworks Studio Ltd. which provides online vocal coaching and courses to singers worldwide.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You cancel your subscription by following these steps:Login to your account on voiceworkscourses.com , click the avatar in the top right corner, click settings, click billing information, scroll to “Active Subscriptions”, then click “CANCEL” next to your lesson subscription.


What Happens if my subscription payment fails?

Don’t worry, this can happen. You will receive a communication from our office to notify you that your payment has failed and we will help you get it in order before the next lesson with us. However, if you fail to update your payment after 3 communications from our office, we will be forced to cancel your lesson subscription and release your time-slot. We also charge a processing fee of €10 if we need to invoice you for an arrear payment.