What happens during the free trial?

This is your opportunity to meet your coach live online or in person. Your coach will want to get to know you a little better and will want to hear about any goals you have in mind for your singing whether it’s for pure enjoyment, a forthcoming performance or anything else. If you’re happy to sing then your coach can walk you through a simple vocal assessment to hear your voice and suggest ideas on how best to help you reach your goals! Singing is not compulsory on the free trial and don’t worry about impressing us, it’s our job to impress you.

What’s the difference between lessons in person and lessons online?

Both have their benefits. Provided you have a quiet, private space and access to an internet connection via data or wifi, online singing lessons work a treat! Your coach may need to send you some resources ahead of the lesson like PDFs or accompaniment tracks but once you have those you’re set! Two of our favourite upsides of online is having the visual reference on screen for vowel shapes and the student having access to the recording from the lesson to work with during the week. Our favourite aspect of the in-person lessons at our studio in Cork is the atmosphere from the singing filled stairwell and waiting room and the friendly faces of all our lovely teachers, students and parents. Singing just equals joy.

How does a monthly lesson subscription work?

We offer lessons as a monthly lesson subscription. It costs €110 monthly which entitles you to 4 x 30mins lessons every 30 days. If a public holiday occurs in the month (for example Christmas) you can carry forward your owed lesson to the next month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and we teach 12 months/year.

It’s a “set it and forget it” subscription payment method just like Netflix.

What if a student or teacher misses a lesson due to illness or otherwise?

If the student misses:
Your teacher will spend your lesson time preparing some resources for you. Don’t forget, every singing lesson does not need to include singing. Planning, choosing repertoire, developing musicianship, songwriting and even technique can be explored without singing a note!

If the teacher misses:
They will arrange to reschedule it with the student or arrange another Voiceworks Studio coach to cover for them.

What age should my son/daughter start singing lessons?

We think it’s never too early to start developing healthy, vocal habits so we start lessons with kids as young as 7. The only time we would advise against starting a child this young is when we feel they may not be able to maintain good concentration in a 30minute 1to1 lesson. We can flag this in the free intro lesson before proceeding with signing he or she up for the term and alternatively recommend Pop Kidz, our group singing class for kids age 7-12.

What’s different about the way you teach singing at Voiceworks Studio?

All of our coaches are required to perform contemporary styles of music to a high standard, have an intermediate to advanced level of voice science knowledge, have a performance degree qualification or equivalent and must attended weekly training meetings and regular continuous development courses throughout the year. Voiceworks Studio director Gemma Sugrue is a board member and co-education director at Vocology in Practice (global network of voice experts) and has her finger on the pulse on the ever evolving world of voice education.

We’re holistic in our approach also and ensure a student’s mind, body and voice are considered and nurtured during their education with us.