Terms & Conditions


Monthly Membership 

Monthly lesson subscriptions are automatically charged from the date you sign-up and is non-refundable. If your payment declines, your lessons will be suspended until resolved and a £10 fee will be charged. Students are entitled to 4 lessons every monthly billing cycle.

Cancellation of Membership

A student may cancel their monthly lesson subscription at any time by logging in to their account at https://www.voiceworkscourses.com/login. The student will be entitled to redeem any remaining lessons on that month’s membership plan. 

For Months with 5 Weeks 

Depending on what day of the week your lesson is on, there may be months that you have an extra lesson. In these cases, your coach may wish to take the extra week off and you will be notified of this ahead of time. However, if you missed a lesson because of one of the studios listed public holidays, your coach can use the extra week to deliver that missed lesson. If your coach wishes to proceed with your week 5 lesson even if you are not owed time then consider it a bonus lesson on us!

Public & Studio Holidays

  • Christmas (2 weeks)
  • Easter (1 week)

If a Student Misses or Cancels a Lesson

If a student misses or cancels their online lesson/class or removes himself/herself/themselves from tuition, regrettably Voiceworks Studio cannot refund or reschedule to a later date.

If a Coach Cancels a Lesson

If a coach needs to cancel a lesson, the student will be provided with an alternative Voiceworks Studio coach or the lesson will be rescheduled to a later date. The coach will endeavour to agree the alternative date and time for any missed lesson directly with the student where possible but the decision of the teacher as to when the re-scheduled lessons and classes will take place is final.  


Students are expected to attend lessons/classes punctually. Coaches are not obliged to make up time in the event that a student is late for class or misses the class.


Please direct any queries you may have to info@voiceworksstudio.ie unless you need to inform your coach that you will miss or be late for your lesson. You can contact your coach via Slack or their name@voiceworksstudio.ie if you need to notify your coach that you will be late or that you wish to cancel a lesson. All other queries for your coach must be asked during your lesson time and you can not expect a reply from your coach outside of lesson times.

Lesson Recordings 

Students are welcome to record their 1to1 online lessons with us at Voiceworks Studio so they can review their lesson during the week. The student will be responsible for the recording, downloading and storage of this lesson.

Voiceworks Studio may record private lessons of the student for the purposes of training the student and the instructors. Recordings of private lessons are kept private and confidential and will only be shared with instructors, the student and the student’s parents where needed. These recordings are made accessible to the students via online cloud storage such as Google Drive. Voiceworks Studio takes great care to maintain the security and privacy of these recordings, and Voiceworks Studio shall not be held liable to the student for hackings or similar malicious activity that results in data breach or harm to the student.

Prepaid Group Classes

All students must pay in full in advance of a choir or group class. The failure to ensure that a payment method is in place prior to commencement of the first lesson will result in the suspension of classes and tuition until the account has been settled.  

Voiceworks Studio reserves the right to alter, cancel or combine group classes or choirs when necessary and/or to change teacher or class allocations, where appropriate for lessons, group classes and choirs. 

Students are required to have all necessary equipment, instruments and materials necessary for lessons and tuition to class. 



Students and parents/guardians are expected to behave and conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner while interacting with Voiceworks Studio and to show consideration for staff, students and others. Voiceworks Studio reserves the right to refuse to teach any student whose behaviour or the behaviour of parents/guardian causes annoyance, distress or offence to others. Persistent or serious offenders will have their tuition suspended or cancelled.  

Should a student, parent or guardian of the student wish to discuss progress or any other relevant issue with a teacher, this should be done at the commencement of the relevant lesson.


Health and Safety

Specific health considerations (asthma, diabetes, etc.) MUST be made known at registration and provisions are to be made as such.

Voiceworks Studio, its employees, representatives and agents are not liable for damages for the cessation of operation and resulting cancellation of tuition and lessons due to earthquake, fire, flood, explosion, terrorist attack, plane crash or any other disaster outside of its control.

Voiceworks Studio, its employees, representatives and agents accept no responsibility for personal injury and/or loss and/or damage to personal property whilst engaging with our services whether by fire, burglary, theft, evacuation or otherwise. 


Students must supply Voiceworks Studio with their contact number and/or email address. In the case of students under 18 years of age, a contact number, email and home address of student’s parent/guardian must be provided. Upon payment of fees, the student agrees to the keeping of personal records on the password-protected, cloud-based databases, which will be mindfully maintained by Voiceworks Studio.

No personal details of students will be passed to third parties except the appropriate authorities without prior consent.


Voiceworks Studio reserves the right and retains copyright to all appropriate promotional photographs or videos which may be taken of students during lessons, classes, courses and events. 


Please check here regularly as these policies are subject to change.