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Indie Choir is an all female Adult Pop Choir. We pride ourselves in creating a fun and safe space for singing where you can explore your voice, harmonies and meet like minded people. We’re a fun choir which means that we don’t currently compete in competitions, but we do perform locally.

We love to sing and really value the importance of community – sometimes it’s hard to find a sense of belonging in this busy world of ours, or to find the time to do something that we know we love… like singing. Indie Choir is a welcoming community of singers, and we’d love to invite you to try out our group and see if we are the right fit for you! To try out the choir, please email us at and we can arrange an evening for you to come along. Please find initial details below.



TIME: We run 2x nights of Indie Choir and you can choose which evening you’d like to sign up to:

– Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm – 9pm in Cork City Centre.
– Thursday evenings from 7pm-8.30pm in Cork City Centre.

LOCATION: The Tuesday Indie Choir rehearses in Long Yard Studio and The Thursday Indie Choir rehearses in Blarney Street CBS Primary School.

AUDITION?: There is no audition, however there is a basic requirement to be able to sing in tune.
If you are unsure if you can sing in tune or not, please email us and we can help you to figure this out!
The choir director will touch base with you and help you to find out this answer! 🙂 If the
answer is yes, you can grab your spot. If the answer is no, we will help you to fix this by giving
you some practice materials to get you singing in tune.

CHOIR TYPE: This is a POP choir – ie, non religious. It is an adult, fun, social choir. We do not
currently compete in competitions, but we do perform in public. Some practice needs to be done
week to week at home.

1. Do you offer a payment plan? If you can’t currently afford the full price, you can pay in 2x
2. Do you use sheet music? Mainly no. It’s definitely not a requirement. Most of our members don’t read sheet music. Instead we use lyrics and line tapes. Line tapes are recordings of each choir part section so that you can
practice at home.
3. I work shift work – can I attend every second week? It depends on whether you have the
time to catch up on what you missed in choir at home. You’d need maybe an hour to sit down
at home, read the email of what was covered in the class you missed and catch up using the
materials provided. Missing some classes is fine, but in the past some members have felt a bit
stressed and behind when they miss too much and can’t catch up at home. But this has also
really worked for others who practice and catch up at home.

4. Can I attend online? Yes. If you can’t make it on a certain week in person (if you are sick or
can’t find childcare for example) can you join via zoom. But you can’t be a permanent online member. 
5. How much practice is involved at home? This varies, but generally if you have time to practice
for 20 minutes a week, you’d be flying it! Coming up to performances, it may be more.
6. Are there many performances? Usually 2x per term – a smaller one and a bigger one.
7. Is attendance mandatory/are you guys strict on attending? No – it’s all good! Our main
goal is creating a sense of community, having a fun singing space every week and reaching our
potential as a group. We only start ‘cracking the whip’ when there’s a performance coming up. But do try your best to attend weekly as the more members who are there, the better the sound. It’s a better experience for everyone when there’s more people there. 


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