What Will Your Story Be? with Zoe Fitzpatrick

Posted on: 5 April, 2019 by Gemma Sugrue

Performers all have a story to tell, whether they’re a bestselling artist or just getting their start. Here at Voiceworks Studio, we take pride in highlighting these stories and today we have Zoe Fitzpatrick, a singer getting vocal lessons at our Bandon Studio. What is Zoe’s story?

Why did you choose to cover this song?
I chose this song because it was the song played for my parent’s first dance on their wedding day.

When did singing become a passion of yours?
When I was around the age of five I loved to sing in front of my family.

What do you like about getting singing lessons at Voiceworks Studio?
I liked getting singing lessons at Voiceworks Studio as the teachers are very helpful and give constructive criticism.

What are your musical goals?
To be comfortable getting up and singing in front of people.

Here’s Zoe Fitzpatrick performing What a Difference a Day Makes, by Dinah Washington

Whats Dinah’s Story?

Washington entered a talent contest at the Regal Theater at age 15. She won the contest and began splitting her time between church performances and club appearances.

She landed a gig as a singer in Garrick’s house band and soon found herself working in the same club as her idol, Billie Holiday. Lionel Hampton caught one of her shows and offered to take her on the road with his big band.

She went on to record with Mercury Records and scored a string of Top 10 hits, including “What a Diff’rence a Day Makes” (1959). This is Dinah’s story, what will yours be?

What Will Your Story Be? with Zoe Fitzpatrick – Voiceworks Studio