We’re delighted to launch “Voiceworks Spotlight” which will replace the Voiceworks End of Year show this May ’17.

Based on feedback we have received from parents and students, and from our own experience as teachers at Voiceworks, we have decided to restructure the end of year show as a highly student centred event.

We believe getting to perform live on stage in front of an audience with top musicians and professional sound and lighting is an important learning opportunity and experience for student singers.

Inspired by a format used very successfully in America and Canada this performance workshop event will further develop students to fully engage with their moment on stage. Our Voiceworks team will help prepare them for every aspect of the performance from stage craft to band leading. An independent expert panelist will provide written feedback of the performance and we will also video the event which will be made available to the student for personal or promotional use. Furthermore, no more than 3 singers will be allocated per song. Students can now choose to sing solo or as part of a duet or trio, however places available are limited.


  • 1to1 session with performance coach on Sun May 7th
  • 1to1 session with music director on Sun May 7th
  • Band chart created especially for your song by our music director
  • 2 hour band leading, interactive workshop/masterclass on Sun May 14th for kids & teens and Sun May 21st for older teens & adults.
  • Performance with live band at The White Horse, Ballincollig on Sun May 28th
  • Professional video footage of your live performance for personal/promotional use
  • Professional photographs of your live performance for personal/promotional use
  • Written feedback form from industry expert panelist, Ms Karen Underwood


The Spotlight events are free for friends and family to attend however to cover the cost of band hire, contact hours with tutors, videographer, photographer, venue etc. performers wishing to participate must pay a fee. These costs will also be subsidised by Voiceworks.

Solo –  €75

Duo – €45/student

Trio – €35/student


For these events to run smoothly and fairly for all involved, and for you to get the most value from the experience we require participating students to adhere to the following:

  • Completed application form submitted before MAY 6th (please consult with your vocal coach)
  • Attendance is compulsory for all rehearsals (see application form for details)
  • Respect tutors and fellow performers
  • Follow guidance on song choice and arrangement
  • Bring your own lyric sheet(s) to all rehearsals including first rehearsal on May 7th
  • Bring pencil to take notes and audio recorder is encouraged
  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring snacks and water to rehearsals
  • Bring a minimum of 3 guests to the showcase you’re performing in on May 28th



MD & Perf Coach
Sun May 7th
Band Leading Workshop
Sun 14th May
Band Leading Workshop
Sun 21st May
Pre Gig Run Throughs
Sun 28th May
Venue: White Horse, Ballincollig
Sun 28th May
Kids (6-13yrs) Time slot TBA 11-1pm n/a 10-11am 11.30am
Younger Teens (13-15yrs) Time slot TBA 2-4pm n/a 1-2pm 2.30pm
Older Teens (15-19yrs) Time slot TBA n/a 11-1pm 4.30-5.30pm 6pm
Adults Time slot TBA n/a 2-4pm 7.30-8.30pm 9pm



(8pm Sat 6th May)