Demo Recording Sessions

Demo Recording (1 hr) – €45 

Record a simple demo track in under an hour at Voiceworks Studio! 

  • lead vocals recorded with backing track, guitar or keyboard accompaniment
  • track edited and mixed 
  • consultation with our engineer by phone or email prior to the recording  


– if you wish to use guitar or piano on your track please provide your own accompanist. You can request our list of Voiceworks recommended guitar and piano accompanists. 

– for those wishing to use backing track, our engineer can source the best high quality track in your key. 

– if you have time remaining on your recording, you’re welcome to add backing vocals or for those using a backing track, you may even have time to record a second song! 

– if you do not have a vocal coach we recommend organising a drop in lesson or vocal assessment with us at Voiceworks before your recording. One of our expert coaches will help you choose the right key and arrangement for your song and get you vocally ready so you get the very best out of your recording session! 

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