Performers Workshop

Performers workshop Junior




Junior Performers Workshop (Age 8-12) Tutor:Jean Elliot-Murphy, Tues 6.30pm

A great way for kids to build their confidence as a singer, develop stage craft and learn how to deliver a powerful performance of any song, be it a funky pop tune, a heart breaking ballad or an exciting music theatre number!

Included in the course:

  • Acting through song
  • Stage craft
  • Movement for singers
  • Mic technique
  • Confidence building exercises

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Senior Performers Workshop (Age 13-16) Tutor: Dora Gola, Mon 7pm

We aim to help teens who have a lovely voice, but don’t have the confidence to match. This is a great course for teens preparing for Junior Cert. or Leaving Cert. Practicals or those who just want to enjoy performing on stage more. We’ll get into the psychology behind being a GREAT performer and entertainer! Course suitable for pop, music theatre and classical singers.

Included in the course:

  • Advanced acting through song
  • Stage Craft
  • Movement for singers
  • Mic technique
  • Performing on camera  (YouTube)
  • Music college options
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Creativity – making a song your own
  • Songwriting

Adult Performers Workshop (Age 16+) Tutor: Angela Ryan, Tues 5.45pm

An advanced course for those looking to build their own brand as a singer and become more independent as an artist by gaining more knowledge in areas of music technology, songwriting, marketing, arranging and performance/stage craft.

Included in the course:

  • Songwriting/Creativity
  • Music Technology
  • Music Business
  • Music Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Band Leading & Arranging
  • Performance
  • Image

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