Smart Singer (Musicianship)


Tutors: Dee O’Kelly, Lorna Moore

Be a SMART vocalist

  • Confidently communicate with the band
  • Sing at sight
  • Develop practical musicianship skills for singers
  • Arrange your own song or cover for the band
  • Be in demand as a professional vocalist

We want Voiceworks singers to feel confident and equipped to perform in any musical situation with a language and understanding of music that will allow them to communicate and participate with musicians, musical directors, other singers and any industry professionals with ease. We believe that in today’s music industry, musicianship is an essential skill for any budding professional vocalist.

Our Musicianship classes are now FREE for anyone taking lessons at Voiceworks, only excluding those taking 20 min sessions.


Wed 7.30-8.15pm
Smart Singer Junior w/ Lorna Moore

Thurs 5.00-5.45pm
Smart Singer Teen (level 1) w/ Dee O’Kelly

Thurs 5.45-6.30pm
Smart Singer Teen (level 2) w/ Dee O’Kelly

Thurs 7.30- 8.15pm
Smart Singer Adult w/ Dee O’Kelly