Piano / Guitar


We offer instrumental tuition in piano and guitar and we encourage our vocal students to have a knowledge of at least one chordal instrument. Students are taught technique, self accompaniment, sight reading, chord chart reading and improvisation all within their chosen genre in a practical and supportive environment.

Voiceworks Studio tutors Lorna Moore, Darragh Keary, Nikki Griffin and Dee O’Kelly are available for piano and Patrick Lucy is available for guitar (see Team Voiceworks for full details). Most of our instrumental tutors are also vocal tutors, so if you would like a combination package of lessons whereby you can alternate vocal and instrumental lessons every fortnight or back to back please contact Breda in the office: (086) 413 7930 or voiceworksstudio@gmail.com.

Like our vocal students, we encourage instrumental students to work towards concert performances, recording sessions, competitions and grade exams. Rockschool exams for piano are available to Voiceworks Studio students and take place in June 2019. For those wishing to take classical grades we are using Associated Board and these take place also in June 2019.

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