Group Voice


Voiceworks Studio will provide group lessons again this year. All group lessons will be 60mins. long and will be priced according to how many students are in a group – 3 or 4. Students of similar age, level and style will be matched for each group. We have 13 vocal coaches available to choose from between Mon. and Sat., each specializing in various genres of music and each coach has experience and qualifications specific to working with certain student profiles, be it kids, teens, adults, professionals or undergraduates, (see Team Voiceworks for full details).

Like one to one singing lessons, a course of group lessons at Voiceworks Studio is tailored by the tutor to suit the students’ needs.

A typical group lesson will start with a warm up together in unison and sometimes in harmony, followed by development of vocal technique, individually. This will be followed by song work and can vary from solo songs for each student or group songs with a focus on harmony, arrangement and the role of lead vocalist and backing vocalists. Song work will include interpretation/expression, musicianship, music knowledge, vocal technique, style and performance skills and will conclude with a plan for the week’s practice schedule. Students are encouraged to bring a mobile device able to record audio to each lesson and record some, most or all of the lesson.

All primary and secondary school students who sign up for group lessons at Voiceworks Studio should take a weekly 45 minute musicianship class unless they can prove they receive sufficient musicianship training elsewhere. We want Voiceworks Studio singers to feel confident and equipped to perform in any professional situation with a language and understanding of music that will allow them to communicate and participate with musicians, other singers and industry professionals with ease.

Goals are very important when embarking on any developmental or educational course. Rockschool exams for contemporary singing, music theatre singing, guitar and piano are available to Voiceworks Studio students and take place in the first week of June 2019. For those wishing to take classical grades we use Associated Board and these also take place in the first week of June 2019.

Voiceworks Studio will put on up to 5 gigs this academic year 2017/18 (see Events for more details) and all students are encouraged to audition. Each gig is accompanied by the Voiceworks Studio’s House Band in a professional venue, giving student singers a real performance experience.